3. Waking up…

16368958_largeIt’s been two years now, but she’s never left that very spot she’s been trying hard to run from. She has a new life now. She’s met new friends. She’s got a new job. But she still has the same nights. Nights when she has nothing else to do but rewrite the story over and over again. She’s tried to write  a song about it a million times, but she never reachers Chorus…until one day, she received a message.

“Hi!”. And there he was again. This simple message was the beginning of something new for them, she thought. And behold it really was.
She went to sleep trying her best to get a nice dream to wipe the tears away, after realizing that what wrapped their  conversation up was, “By the way, we’re back together.” So yeah, she knew this is a brand new start for them…apart.

It wasn’t that long when she was just alone. So being apart from him will make no much of a difference.


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