2. At Dawn

She was wearing her best smile because she doesn’t want her officemates to know how she was feeling the night before. She wasn’t able to sleep well because she was trying to look for the best words to use in the letter she was writing.She knew that that day will not be the same, as the night before. She has to do something.

After her last call, she finally logged out. As she walks towards his spot, she’s blushing. She wanted to burst out in tears. She doesn’t know if she wants to hand the letter or not. She worked so hard to finish it the night before, but she knows exactly how things will turn out if he finally gets it. When she finally reaches his seat, he’s in a call. She doesn’t want to interrupt. The phone says it has been almost a half an hour call. He looked at her as she stands near and watches him. He smiles at her, seemingly saying, “Are you done? I almost am. “
Before she can’t hold it anymore, she hands the letter to him. He accepts it with an innocent gesture, and for the last time, strikes at her a smile she’s never gonna see again. Then she left.

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