1. For the Last Time

tumblr_nov77a93xX1sh3d3po1_500He’s looking at her. The stare was heavy. It was like he wanted to tell her something he has never told her before. They both know that there’s something wrong with the way things are between the two of them. It’s just that not one of them wants to start talking about it. So they just kept the silence as they listen to the most boring set of songs she has ever wasted time listening to in her entire life…which she thought was still great to listen to when she’s with him.

The evening is just like the others she’s ever had long before she met him. It was a long ride. She doesn’t know if she wants an endless road because she loves being with him, or a dead end because she knows he’s so unsure of anything about them, and an unstable situation scares her.

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