That Chapter is Long Over

Setting-a-bird-free“Some people think that to be strong is to never feel pain. In reality, the strongest people are the ones who feel it, understand it, and accept it.”–anon

Everyone experiences pain every now and then. Some do not immediately recognize what caused it, while some overfeel it and make it the main theme of their whole lives. Some talk to friends and ask for advices to escape pain, but do not intend to try any of these advices, while some completely ditch everyone else and isolate themselves overthinking how unfortunate they are. But the worst case, I think , is when they are in pain for quite sometime that they already learned how to swim well in it…when they get used to it and find pleasure out of it. 

Being on Tumblr for almost 2 years now (yeah..just two years), I learned about a variety of pain from a variety of people. Yes, I always try to talk to them. SOme of them just rant on social networking sites to release all the tension and pressure the world is putting on them. They curse life. They write death notes. They say they kill people in their minds. But the worst so far….is that MOST of these people I’ve talked to resort to physical pain because it helps them forget emotional and mental stress. But what’s common amongthese people is that they strongly feel the pain but they do not try to comprehend it. I mean, they know they’re hurting but that’s the only thing they want to know. They do not exactly understand their situation and reject every possible way out. 

From all these, I’ve learned the importance of UNDERSTANDING and ACCEPTING a difficult situation to avoid the wrath of pain. If you can’t think of any way out…close your eyes, think of every little thing that used to make you happy when you weren’t in that situation yet, ask for an open heart and an open mind from HIM and smile. Because yes, you need an open MIND to UNDERSTAND what’s really happening and what should be done, AND DO IT …and an open HEART to ACCEPT and FORGIVE those who need to be forgiven…including yourself.

Nobody said it’ll be easy. But just take one step at a time. With the motivation and guidance of my ultimate SAVIOUR and LOVER,  I’ve taken my first. When will you take yours? ^_^


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